Are you Injured? Here is what to do next

How to deal with your injury and get back 

 This is one of the most frustrating moments when you have done all the hard work, built yourself up and thought your goals were being achieved and all sudden in a split moment you get injured. 

You had dreams, results and could see the future. All the positivity becomes discouraging and all your hopes are out of the big picture.  

Injury is not the end 

  An injury doesn’t have to be the end of all your hard work. This is where your thinking needs to change and utilize the power of your brain and not your body. You now need to do the right thing to minimize damage as you can risk a recurrent injury that would shorten your cycling all together. Remember you are better off safe than sorry. You cannot train through injury; you will only make it worse and prolong your recovery time. 

You still need to have a plan 

 As with your training plan you need a recovery plan aka a healing plan. This plan will be determined by the severity of the injury and rehabilitation time. Once this is covered you can sit down with your coach and review the steps going forward and should be based on the following to name a few: 

  • Is the rehab days, weeks or months 
  • Effect of possible training e.g. some injuries allow low impact training like swimming, indoor trainer 
  • How long to your next A-race 

 You will need to understand that an injury needs to be addressed asap and work out what needs to be done and for how long in order to  be back knowing it will be safe and not cause any damage that will eventually or immediately create a long term absence from cycling. 

The recovery 

 It’s facing the pain of recovery that is greater than the pain of the injury however healing from it is much more worth it. Do not give up. Rest is the only way to heal unless you are a superhuman. Depending on the nature of the injury time will always determine the healing process and therefore you need to rest it out. 


Cycling will always have the risk of injury and sometimes its not even your fault but don’t despair because there is no reason that you can’t return stronger in the long term. Once you have made peace with that you can make wise decisions adapting your training and race plan. If you shift your focus from here there is no reason your setback can make your comeback better than before. Never give up!  

 Inspired by Elaine 

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